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My guess is they can't remove the "sale pending" tag until a certain amount of time has past or it's auto generated and they can't do anything about it. If they've gone through the trouble of taking photos and uploading them, there's a good chance it's available for purchase. However, the vehicles may sell quickly and the ads will linger.

Speaking with multiple dealers from various brands over the last few years I've come to realize they have very little control over the content or don't have the resources to manage it in real time. It may not be a priority for them since they likely get a lot of inquiries on what's listed and those leads could turn into potential sales on other models or orders.
I'm an insider and ran operations for a dealer group that retailed 45K cars last year. It's a very simple process for a dealer to update this as it's just a status code inside their DMS. It's just laziness that they don't do it though, frankly, it's a very low priority job. What usually happens with high demand vehicles is if a customer backs out, sales has lists of people to contact and that's the priority, not updating the dms for accurate lot status.
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