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Btw, for this thread's intent - I don't think the demand has lessened yet. But there is some pressure on the markup.
I almost bought a ID.4 from a LA dealer couple of days ago. They had one cancelled order (that happened to be the exact color combo/trim I want) selling at MSRP + about $1200 in dealer installed extras. I was ok with it because I have a gradient on order and this was a non-gradient which saves me some money. I am about 5-6 hours away, so I asked if I could place deposit or hold it in some way, maybe even start the buying process. Because I am not making that trip unless it is a sure thing. But they wanted me to come in else they could not hold it. Which is weird. The dealership model needs to reinvent itself. Or maybe it is a CA thing. Anyway, I asked the rep to tell me at closing time if the car was still there, then I would come in at 8am next morning when they open. But it sold that evening.
Sounds like a vapor car, never existed or was already sold. Anything to get you into that dealer's store like bait and switch.
1 - 2 of 332 Posts