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  • Thoughts on resale value. How many dealers or others are selling them for above MSRP?
    • Resale value when? It will be fine for a year, but beyond that my guess it will start taking a hit as other options trickle in
  • Overall satisfaction?
    • Not satisfied, but no other choice to get EV this year for reasonble price
  • Value compared to Vinfast and Fisker?
    • Those are not proven new companies and these cars are not even out yet to consider their value but certainly look great
  • Any insight with trade ins? I have a 2012 Impreza Limited.
    • Trade in values are dropping quickly, I am in the same boat with my trade in and monitoring it closely
I suppose I have a bit more faith in Vinfast, only because the parent company, Vingroup, is quite large and even produces EV batteries. My issue with Vinfast, at least as they will originally selling their cars, is that you'll have to "rent" the battery -- and I don't want to pay an extra $150+ per month to be able to drive a car I paid as much for as an ID4. It will be interesting to see how Vinfast does, particularly how long it takes for them to allow people to buy the battery with the car, and how much extra they'll add if you purchase the battery.
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