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I noticed on my two recent road trips a lot of variation in "the charging curve" based on starting SOC. For example, my typical reference point was what charging rate I was seeing at 50% SOC. If I got a good curve by starting at less than 20% SOC then I would see about 100kW at 50%. But if I plugged in at higher than 20% SOC I would maybe see only 80kW at 50% SOC. This was bugging me so I decided to plot a few charging curves with various starting SOC and discovered that there is not one "charging curve" for the ID4, it appears that it is a very progressive/variable charging curve likely based on many different factors including starting SOC.

For reference, I have a 2022 Pro AWD ID4 with 3.1 software. For the 15% Starting SOC curve, this was my second DCFC of the day in Valdosta GA and the temps were in the 70's so the battery should have been plenty warm. For the 25% Starting SOC I was in Chattanooga TN which was my fifth DCFC on the same day and temp was 63F so the battery also should have been warm. The 44% Starting SOC curve was a little more suspect since it was the first DCFC that day, temp was 78F and I did a 20+ mile highway run at 80 MPH and I tried to do some hard acceleration/regen runs right before charging to warm things up, but that might not be a fully warm curve.

Anyways, feel free to check out the data I have collected, and feel free to collect your own data if you feel so inclined. My takeaway from this is that it is even more important that I initially thought to start at less than 20% SOC if you want fast charging.


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