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"Luck" (or lack thereof) definitely has a lot to do with it. Let's be reminded that there are USA DOT mandated standards for windshield glass so there are not really better or worse types in terms of strength. Having said that some have better innate hydrophobic properties so in that respect somewhat better. My wife's "entry level" Benz GLA and my prior Audi's shed water much better than my ID.4, which is particularly noticeable when even periodically hand cleaning just the windshields (I'm a stickler for driver view-ability even during heavy pollen season).

But thrice with Lexus, Cadillac and now Benz she has managed to get a tiny stone chip right in her sightline. Just bad luck, although I do try and follow traffic at more distance than does she, but sometimes that makes no difference as on the highway I was once hit from the opposing divided highway lanes!

My TTS being low and with a steeply sloped windshield got extensive roadrash so that has some bearing as well. Taller CUV/SUV's in theory shouldn't get as much impact, but then there's always a pickup truck with aggressive tires out there and so ...

Thankfully in MA we can get one "free" windshield annually if the damage (chip/crack/extensive rash) impairs driver safety. Typically the crack needs to be longer than a dollar bill but I've been insistent on new even with less. I once got a replacement just for rash as it really was a viewing hazard driving into late afternoon Sun. A star crack is usually epoxy filled however (I've done same with a DIY kit and remarkably better).
41 - 41 of 41 Posts