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Don't run out of electricity in Nebraska !!!

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I already shared details of our battery issue in Utah, however later that same day, we had a separate, I blame myself moment - we were too conservative in our charging at Fort Morgan. The wind flipped on us, and we found ourselves short of range 60 miles out. However, instead of slowing down, we drafted a Semi at 70mph for the next 40 miles - and achieved efficiency of 3.3 M/kWh. You can see the video and data here - enjoy

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With ACC on sport, you could have drafted even closer, and streched the energy even further ;)
[edit] eh never mind, am sleeping, it only closes the gap faster, doesn't make the gap smaller [/edit]
Well there is definitely a distance difference in acc between sport and eco mode, go to the individual profile and play with the acc settings. There is no distance difference between comfort and sport though.
And seriously agree that the acc sport mode is stronger on the regen vs comfort.

(I personally always drive with acc in sport mode)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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