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Doug DeMuro put an end to the critics of the VW ID's "No Backlit HVAC & Vol. Controls."

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Hello ID....
“Just a moment…”

(Or whatever it always says)
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I would agree that the non-buttons isn't an issue. I can use them in the dark fine after a couple of times to get used to it. I am an Old Dog but I love this New Tricks car.

I do have a question I can not figure out. How to turn off the radio. I don't mean lower volume I mean OFF. I think I turn it off and the next time I get in the car it is back even at the lowest volume setting where I left it on the last drive.

This will probably be simple, but I WANT OFF! I have hearing issues and even soft music is just noise to me.

In the Settings, there's a setting for the “Maximum Radio Volume at Startup”; you can probably set this to zero and you can certainly set it to the lowest non-zero value.
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Good idea. I haven't tried this yet, but will here shortly.
It surprises me that almost everything in this car turns off constantly to save power with each cycle, but not the darn radio.
Thank you.
The “Radio” isn't just the Radio; it's just a software subsystem (with a teeny-tiny bit of hardware) within the huge mass of telematics hardware and software. From a power point of view, “Turning off the Radio” is almost meaningless.
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However, it's not like there's 8 separate capacitive buttons there and you're randomly stabbing in the dark. They're sliders. If you want volume, put your finger near the middle of the screen and slide right for louder, left for quieter. You don't need to be precise, there's a large range there and anywhere in it works. For passenger temp, put finger a little away from far right edge and slide to setting. Driver's temp... I hope you can see where this is going.

Seems to me that anyone who's had it for a while and still can't figure it out, isn't really trying to - they're just insisting on looking for exact spots to put their finger, which is entirely unnecessary with this design.
I'll take a small exception to your comment and that's that the temperature controls also serve a second function and that's to cycle through the seat heater settings. And that actually does take a pretty-precise landing of your two fingers or you'll end up inadvertently changing the cabin temperature, the radio volume, or both.

And I find that I want to change the seat heater setting much more often than I want to change the cabin temperature.
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There could be an led spotlight where the reading lights are located.
I've mentioned that in the past. My 2003 Audi A8L had red LED floodlights in the Rear View Mirror and they were a subtle but surprisingly-terrific feature that would have entirely mitigated this problem.
Does anyone know if the steering wheel buttons are programmable? There are 4 unused buttons on the right side, which seems like a waste. A few more on the left. Maybe user customizable steering wheel buttons are a regulatory violation in the US but that seems like a missed opportunity.
I'm unclear what buttons you're speaking of. Do you mean the unlabeled areas that MIGHT be implementable as buttons?
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