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EA Charging Error - Unable to Communicate with Car

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I was unable to charge at an EA charger yesterday and I think it may have been caused by a user error. If so, the error message the charge displayed was not much help and the EA help desk was unable to resolve the issue.

Here's the story. I had plugged in at home the night before and set the charging limit on the Car-Net app to 50%. When I plugged in at the EA charger I didn't realize that it too was set to a limit of 50%. I got the charging started, started to walk away when I realized I had forgotten something in the car. When I unlocked the car the charging session stopped. I assumed that unlocking of the door was the cause. I then unplugged the cable and reconnected it to try to start charging again. I got the error message saying the charger was unable to communicate with the car. I tried a few more times and then called EA help. They had me try two other chargers to no avail. Then they rebooted a charger and had me try that one - same problem. That's when they said they could not do any further trouble-shooting and that the problem might be with my car.

I drove to another charging location and plugged in there. That's when I realized the charging limit was set to 50% and that it was very likely that the previous charging session stopped because of the limit, not because I unlocked to door. I was able to charge fine this time.

Maybe it's obvious to others but it is good to know that a limit set on Car-Net applies to the EA app as well. And that a communication error between the charge and the car may be caused by the car already being charged to the set maximum charge level.
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The limit might be a bigger issue...I set mine charge limit to 50% today since I wouldn’t have time for a full charge before having to leave again for work. Charge stopped almost immediately for me as well and wouldn’t restart after trying again.
Perhaps a dissgeeement between machine and car if you don’t need a full charge?
Thanks for posting this. Did you get an error on the charger indicating it wasn’t able to communicate with your car?
Thanks for posting this. Did you get an error on the charger indicating it wasn’t able to communicate with your car?
Had that yesterday. Switched plugs/cables still no communication. Jiggled, raised and disconnected/reconnected the plug, still no communication 😖. Moved my FE to another pedestal and success.
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