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Einstein (my 2021 AWD Pro S) just had a (self-inflicted) stroke

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I guess I wasn't able to dodge the gremlin gods forever. Sigh. Car lit-up like a Christmas tree and the 12V died soon thereafter. Thankfully this happened in my driveway but the worst part is I couldn't disengage the e-brake so had to dolly tow it 7 miles to the dealer. Tried disconnecting/reconnecting the 12V as well as providing external 12V to the battery posts. No dice. Just heard from the service tech that they can't even wake the car up. Seems like it's bricked. They have a call into the factory tech. Of course this car was running venerable 2.1 with the old 12V battery. Updates to follow...

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Sorry to hear. wouldn't it be worth popping on portable jump pack or battery tender to at least try to energize 12V system enough to wake up and put in neutral?
Tried that - didn't help. Even tried disconnecting the 12V entirely and reconnecting to reboot the computers. By the time the tech looked at it the next day the car was bricked and he couldn't even wake it up by connecting the 12V to an external source. Einstein is one sick puppy at the moment. If the car isn't even waking up with external 12V provided then a fuse is blown or ICAS is probably smoked or something...
Wow, keep us posted. They gave you a loaner?

You don't happen to know your 12V state of health / voltage in the weeks beforehand from CarScanner or OBDeleven do you?
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