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Electrify America kWh-Based Pricing

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EA is now on kWh-based pricing. Its a cheaper system and available in 23 states.

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EA just announced that kWh pricing is now available in Florida and Virginia:

Electrify America Adds Florida, Virginia to Kilowatt-Hour Pricing for Electric Vehicles

Nation’s largest open EV fast charging network now bills by kilowatt-hour in 25 states and D.C.

Reston, VA (October 15, 2020) – Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Florida and Virginia now join the growing number of Electrify America customers who pay by the amount of energy used to charge their vehicle, as the network has officially added the two states to its new kilowatt-hour (kWh) pricing plan.

Electrify America updated its pricing structure in September 2020 to reflect the growing preference for kWh pricing and to provide consistent, transparent, and competitive rates for its customers.

Electrify America now offers kilowatt-hour pricing in 25 states and the District of Columbia. The company’s ultra-fast charging network has continued to grow at a rapid pace, and currently provides EV drivers with access to 20 charging stations with 96 individual fast chargers in Virginia, and 24 charging stations with 110 individual fast chargers in Florida.

“Our focus is on the customer to provide a reliable charging experience for current and future EV drivers,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer of Electrify America. “We are delighted to add Florida and Virginia, two key EV markets, and will continue working to expand kilowatt-hour pricing to even more states.”

Kilowatt-Hour Pricing - Rates as Low as $0.31 Cents Per kWh
Rates start at $0.31 per kilowatt-hour. Complete pricing information is available at and on the Electrify America mobile app, which makes charging with the network even easier. In addition to the new pricing plans, Electrify America remains committed to providing a premium charging experience to all customers of its nationwide charging network.

Read the full release on Electrify America’s new pricing plan, announced on September 16:
Electrify America Introduces New Pricing Structure Featuring Kilowatt-Hour Pricing in 23 States and District of Columbia; Reduced Rates for States with Minute-Based Pricing

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