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Didn't see anyone else post about this....

Received and email from Volkswagen of America stating that they are ready to provide software updates at the dealerships. They will be doing this in phases and the first phase has already begun. I did see that some MY2021 owners have been updated. This is exciting since I myself have had my car for almost a year and a half (Dec 21st will be that mark). I don't expect to get upgraded before the year is over but at least there is more communication on this long awaited update!

We’re writing to update you on the status of the software update for your 2021 Volkswagen ID.4.
As we previously communicated, we actively have been working on providing a software update for the MY 2021 ID.4 vehicles in the US. We are pleased to share that we are ready to begin the process of updating vehicles at participating Volkswagen dealerships. This dealership visit will include the installation of new vehicle software with feature enhancements, minor bug fixes and security improvements, as well as the installation of a new 12-volt battery and an updated Owner’s Manual.
To ensure that the process is a smooth as possible for our owners, we are rolling out the update in phases. The first phase is beginning now and we are directly notifying those owners whose vehicles are included in this first phase. These will be the only vehicles eligible to be updated at this time.
After the first wave, we look forward to inviting you and additional owners to visit a preferred Volkswagen dealership to receive your first software update. There are no steps that you need to take at this time. We will be in touch at a later date with more details about this first software update and when you should contact your dealer to schedule your visit.
Thank you for your patience. We look forward to updating you soon.
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