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emergency key for the beach?

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Hello all. I just bought an ID4 last week. Live in Hawaii...should be perfect for an EV- my first one.
One question I have ... I get in the ocean often and obviously, it's not practical to take the computer key in the water. with my old cars, i use the valet key which is not computerized and secure it in my swim suit. The ID key is termed an 'emergency key' and the sales guy said i shouldn't be popping off the plastic cover to use the metal key because the cover is likely to break if used multiple times. Does anyone have any insight on this issue? I'd appreciate advice.
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My son lives on Oahu and had this conundrum as well. I bought him a magnetic hide-a-key box that he can stick under his car while he goes into the water. For the ID 4, you could get one that includes a lock that can be attached to the trailer hitch or other element.
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