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Entry level ID4-Pure Performance spotted in Brooklyn

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I spotted my first ID4 in the wild(and not in the showroom). It was charging at a Walgreens in Brooklyn. I tried to get the drivers attention but he was looking down at his phone. It was however in a great color that isn’t available yet-moonstone grey. That’s also when I noticed the front fender badging said Pure instead of First. This is apparently the yet to be released entry level version of the ID4 with only a 52 kWh battery and slower charging speed(50 kWh or 100 kWh) which may explain why it was at a 50kWh DC charger. 170 mile estimated WLPT range. So we’re talking e-Golf range here. Sorry no pictures I wanted to ask for permission but couldn’t get the drivers attention. It had the Arizona license plates that other VW test cars have. Anyone else got info on this car or seen it around? If I see it again in my neighborhood I’ll grab some pics.
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It was in a Walgreens so should have take pictures!
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