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EVGo New Rates, Price Competition!

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I've been an EVGo user for about two years, and used them about once a week for a few months to charge my i3, before purchasing a 16 amp EVSE to plug in at work.

There have been complaints / observations / concerns that Electrify America charges a premium for users without the benefit of VW's free charging. EVGo charged similarly high rates.

Well good news! Today EVGo is announcing a new pricing structure which looks beneficial to most, and it's the shirt that needed to be fired to perhaps see EA respond in kind.

Drive-up Rate:
$2 session fee + 29¢ per kWh

This compares their current $3 per minute, which cones out to $1.20 per kWh at the ID.4's max 150 rate, IF the charger supports that speed (most are currently 50kW).

But more importantly, this betters the EA drive-up rate of 43¢ /kWh., IF more that 14 kWh are needed.h

Their other plans are:

  • $5 / mo and 29¢ per kWh, $5 is credit (basically pre-paying for 17 kWh every month)
  • $7/ mo and 25¢ per kWh

Let's hope they can get their network built out a bit better by the time our free VW plans tap out.
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