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EVSE warm after new 240v install

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Hi everyone,
Lots and lots of charging threads and sorting through them was challenging to get my answer!

I had a certified electrician with great reviews come to my house today and install a new 240v outlet in my garage. There was plenty of room in my panel, so no concerns there. I’m using a Lectron 32 amp charger, and my first charge worked flawlessly.

But, I just want to make sure that it is normal for the new outlet to be slightly warm to the touch while charging. I do mean slightly; you can put your hands on it, and it feels quite nice, actually. The temperature read 33 degrees Celsius (it’s so new that I didn’t read how to switch to F yet, but that is 91 F.)

I guess I am just wondering if that temp seems normal, as then I think the warm touch would be normal, too.

Love my black Pro S—Thank you!
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That seems to be pretty normal to me. My EVSE is hard wired, but I do recall when I had the 14-50 that it got warm, but not uncomfortably so.
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