Introducing a family of "fuzzy skin" (textured) partitions that fit in the original (Euro) ID.4 center console. Now available in my Etsy Shop. There's something about this fuzzy skin effect that makes these kind of prints look better in various lighting and nicer to the touch, so I went with it. It's the same effect as on my OBD bracket listings.

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Automotive lighting Hood Grille Automotive design Automotive exterior
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Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

Both of the phone holder options position the phone angled towards the driver. The phone holder provides clearance for a charging cable on the bottom/center.

I created the cup hugger based on my experience with tall cups tilting over sometimes during while driving. Adds just enough hug to keep cups on task.

The textured partition is the same dimensions as the original partition.

If you have ideas for expanding the family of fuzzy skin partitions, let me know! Perhaps a version with a 17 mm ball or a horizontal surface?

Family of Fuzzy Skin Console Partitions:
MagSafe Partition
Phone Holder Partition
Cup Hugger Partition
Textured Partition

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(Or if you have a 3D printer, you can print that one yourself with this STL file.)