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Yeah the dealership experience is so frustrating. I hate haggling and feeling like you have to comb over all the finance paperwork to make sure they aren't trying to trick you. Even buying a house feels less difficult by comparison. Atleast with a house you EXPECT to haggle/ negotiate over something used.. but usually there's not surprises or hard sells once the offer is agreed upon and paperwork is being signed

Why on earth do they still make buying a new mass-produced vehicle so full of BS fake negotiating. I understand it more with USED vehicles since gremlins and prior history can effect the price so much.
My surprise was when they wanted to see if VW finance could beat my already much lower credit union financing. So I said OK, and found out a week or two later that they did about 14 hard credit report hits. Just that could keep me from buying a second in short order. Oh, VW Credit eventually beat the rate I found by 0.5%, but the key differentiator was the included gap insurance, in the event of a total loss.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts