Last night I took my ID.4 to the nearest Electrify America station in King of Prussia, PA to try out the DC Fast Charging capabilities of the car. I will reply with some feedback about the process, the app, etc. but for now here's some nerdy data:

I had previously charged it to 100% on Level 1 last Friday, then drove it around without charging in between to do some channel maps and logging when it got to exactly 50%. That accomplished, I drove down to KoP and found the bank of chargers in a dilapidated section of the mall parking lot that was easily accessible from the road. For some reason there is a giant pile of dirt? mulch? between the chargers and the mall:

Nobody else was charging but 3 of the 6 chargers (each with two cables) were out of order. Also the spot spacing makes no sense since there are 12 cables across 6 spots. Even if you put one car just outside the parking area that makes 7 spots since the other end is blocked. Anyway, filled with optimism, I plugged in a cable and used the EA app on my iPhone 6S Plus with ISO 14.4.1 to initiate charging. At first, things seemed promising with clicky noises from the car and fan noises from the charger:

Ooh, it's working! 87kW ... not bad at all! All I need to do is kick back and relax for the next ... 1 minute when it decided charging time was over after 1m9s and 1kWh of charge. Thank you, come again! I'm not sure if the charger decided to stop or the car did or what. This is vaguely reminiscent of Kyle Conner's experience with charging a Taycan (or was it an e-tron quattro) where the rate of charge ramped up too fast for the car and called it quits. OK, there are other fish in the sea so I moved away from cursed Charger 200113-05 and over a couple spaces to one of the other allegedly functional chargers. This one started charging at a significantly lower 58kW:

To its credit, Charger 200113-02 powered on like a champ and I decided 90% SoC would be enough for this test. The charge rate tapered down to a still respectable 36kW at the end:

Here's a graph of the notes I took at various charge milestones:

During the charge session (as well as before and after, but I trimmed the data), I logged the 8C-Hybrid Battery module with VCDS. Here's some graphs of what the 8C-Hybrid Battery module reported:



Finally, here's a graph of the first spicy but failed charging attempt vs the second successful but slower one: