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First Real Road Trip in the ID.4, PA Turnpike

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Today, along with my 9 year old son, I delivered some snow tires to a colleague who lives near Pittsburgh (the opposite end of Pennsylvania from Lansdale where I am). We decided to meet up at an Electrify America station at a Sheetz mini mart in Bedford, PA. This location was 83 miles for her (2017 e-Golf) and 201 miles for me (1st Edition). I had planned to possibly stop in Carlisle, PA which is 2/3 of my trip but I ended up getting there with enough confidence to just keep going. Here are some trip notes I carplay-Siri texted to an EV nerd friend:
8:00am 325 guess o meter, 100% SoC
8:35am 85% state of charge we've gone 33 miles and have 248 indicated miles remaining
8:43am I've got the cruise set on 75 and I'm getting 2.6 mi/kWh
9:11am 64% state of charge 125 miles to our destination and 178 miles on the guess o meter
9:37am 50% state of charge we've gone 109 miles we have 93 miles to go and the gas meter says 136 I'm gonna send it
9:46am Just passed Carlisle no turning back now
9:56am 99 miles on the guessometer 69 miles till we actually get there
10:04am 33% state of charge in the car is starting to warn me that I may not reach my destination without stopping somewhere to charge I don't believe you
After that I was climbing a mountain in the rain and watched as the guessometer and destination distance got disturbingly close together (less than 10 miles between them at some point). White knuckle driving due to range not scary driving.
Eventually I came down off the mountain and arrived at the EA station with 8% SoC, 24 miles on the GoM, travel distance 201 miles, 2h54m, average speed 70mph, consumption 2.8 mi/kWh. Also there is about 1000 ft of elevation gain in there.
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Thanks for taking the time to post this....lot of us will experience the White knuckle driving
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I have stopped at the EA charger in Bedford. Nice Sheetz, clean bathrooms. Charging went well on the way to Pittsburgh. I had to call EA on the way back to get the charger to work but that charge went well too.
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Efficiency drops quickly the faster you go. Setting the cruise to the speed limit (70 MPH, for those who don’t know the PA Turnpike) might lead to less white knuckle driving. Also, we have at least one other member from Lansdale. I’m not in Lansdale, but I am in Montgomery County 🙂
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