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For those who lease

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Can you guys give me the money factor(MF) that you got for the lease? I’d appreciate any feedback and am looking to see what some of the lower MF’s that were negotiated.
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Nationwide. They are all done through VW credit, and they have fixed best rates for each credit rating. If you know your rating is > 740 and tell the dealer you heard the best rate is .00143, sometimes that surprises them that you know that and they give that rate. Some dealers websites will compute the lease payments for the different credit ratings, but they don't always quote the MF, like here:
That was really helpful. I went to that link and input the amount I was planning on putting down and with a 810 FICO, I got a great lease payment estimate.
Thank you!!
Note that dealer has a high $599 doc fee, and $599 D+H fee, so its not the dealer I am using. It also doesn't subtract our $1500 state EV rebate. But they have a nice website!
I didn’t see that 😱. I’m in Southern California and my RWD Kings Red Pro S w/Gradient is due to arrive the first week of January. Yes, we also get the state $1,500 along with the $7,500 Federal all up front if we lease.
I heard that the California $1,500 is getting cut in half starting 11/2...
I just read that online myself. Wow! Oh well. It was free money anyways. Thanks for the heads up
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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