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Front assist function

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at the beginning when i got the car the FA was on and it gave me a warning for every car crossing my when i was waiting at an intersection. i also remember to have a red bar on the center display and i think the ID light was red too. it got the point where it annoyed me so i turned it off. i turned it on again and now i do not get any warning anymore. i tried to drive against a wall - nothing. the symbol for FA shows up in white when i start the car then it disappears after a few seconds. my warning is set to EARLY. so how can i check that FA actually works?
anything i can check without bringing it to dealer would be very nice.

brought car to dealer - diagnoses is that front camera needs to be replaced - part will come in 1 week
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Try to change sensitivity to medium, which I think is the default? No idea really, would contact the dealer.
front camera is bad according to dealer. also said they had to replace already a few of them
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front camera is bad according to dealer. also said they had to replace already a few of them
Thinking a little bit more about the dealer diagnostic i am wondering. According to the dealer the front camera affects lane keeping, cruise control, travel assist and front assist.
Luckily not the tire pressure, sorry just kidding.
Why should the front camera affect simple cruise control. That should have nothing to do with it. I am afraid the the error reported can be like in other software (ms windows) is just misleading. Will see what happens when it is replaced.
You are right it slows down when needed. So the question is if it should keep functioning as a basic cruise control. I think it could give the user a choice. A simple cruise control , not adaptive, is still better than nothing.but u are right it is more complex.
when swiping the mode button you can chose between normal cruise and adaptive cruis can’t you?
(We actually don’t have that option in Europe, only ACC or a limiter, no option for normal cruise)
Thanks i thought I tried it and it did not make a difference but will try again when it is broken again. Thanks
i feel that the dealers are just happy to replace parts because they get nicely money for the labor etc. in the end i doubt that the camera is faulty. the error never came back during the last 300 mi. it probably is a software bug and all we need is a CTRL + ALT+DELETE function in the car.
however the front assist does not seem to work but i do not know how to test it. does anyone really understand its function. if enable should it prevent the car from hitting for example a wall or a car in the front even if i do not brake and travel assist is off?
so i got the car back with front camera replaced, sorry i do not see a difference and i cannot see how front assist should really work. how can i test it. today i almost rear ended a car because it unexpectedly slowed down at a traffic light turn. i came about 1 meter away to a stop - no front assist warning or anything - it was day light. now i find this in the manual:

"Front Assist does not function as expected or is triggered unnecessarily several times.
— The radar sensor or camera window is dirty. Clean the radar sensor and windscreen → page 355.
— The system limits have been exceeded → page 162.
— Low sun or darkness.
— If the problem persists, switch off Front Assist and go to a qualified workshop."

does that mean it only works during the day?
also i find this one

"The indicator lamp lights up.
— Front Assist is temporarily unavailable or limited. Front Assist is available after driving straight ahead for a short time, and the indicator light goes out. When the vehicle is not in motion, the indicator lamp lights up continuously".

anyone has seen that one? not in my car. so how can i find out it works without crashing the car in a wall? i just checked again, they light is not coming on when i stop the car.
somehow i get increasingly frustrated between what the manual says and what the car is doing.
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Any follow up on your Front Assist problem? I am having a similar issue with the 2022 AWD ID.4 Pro S (with Gradient)
sorry no more update on that one. it gives wanring sometimes when i drive too close and car in front slows down. it never got to the point where it hits the brakes. sometimes it lights up and beeps when i pass by a parking car in a slight left turn other than this i just keep driving as if i did not have one.
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