A month ago, @Jon B. Ross issued a challenge for someone to come up with a 3D printed frunk for the ID.4 and I've answered the call. (Actually, I posted ideas and updates if you want the full story of its development: #83, #107, #122, #129, #133, #139, and #144.) As I mentioned in those posts, this might be a bit small to be considered a proper frunk; however, it is big enough for many charging cables including the the EVSE that comes with the car.

This is kit that comes in two parts, Part One is the kit I sell on Etsy and you need to purchase Part Two on your own: Rubbermaid 14 Gallon Recycle Bin.

The kit includes the 3D printed brackets, 3D printed alignment tools, detailed templates for marking the cuts & drill holes on the recycle bin, and detailed printed instructions.

Brown Wood Font Handwriting Rectangle

The brackets hook onto the car very securely:

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood Automotive exterior

The alignment guides will allow you to place the templates precisely:

Azure Rectangle Material property Gas Tints and shades

Just cut away the top portion of the recycle bin, screw it to the brackets, and you will have a nicely fitting bin that follows the contours under the hood of your ID.4:

Blue Light Azure Lighting Line

YouTube instructions:

I offer several ID.4 accessories in my Etsy shop :

OBD2 Switch Cable Bracket
OBD2 Extension Cable Bracket
Charging Cubby Adjustable Shelf With Cable Organizers
MagSafe iPhone Mount
Pedestal for 3rd Party Magnetic Phone Mounts
Panel Cover With Storage for the Tailgate Hole
Safety Triangle Cover for the Tailgate
Backup Camera Hood
(Or if you have a 3D printer, you can print that one yourself with this STL file.)

Edit: This also fits in the USA-built 2023 ID.4.