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For reasons too complicated and bizarre to explain, I have five of these wireless backup cameras. They can be mounted to the front of an ID.4 to give you (in theory) a front-facing camera. The bad news is, they're kind of garbage. The solar charging on these units doesn't seem to work, and the integration with the mobile phone app is clumsy (requiring a number of clicks to get the camera to turn on and display). The good news is, you can have a camera for the cost of shipment. This is strictly a no warranty, as-is, FWIW deal. It would be easier to deposit these in the town dump, but hey! I had an old iPhone gathering dust, and now it's velcroed to the driver's side windshield visor and connected to one of these cameras. Maybe one of you wants to play with one of these, and then I'll have someone else with whom I can bitch about this product.

I only have 4 shipping boxes, but if there's demand for five cameras, I'm sure we can figure something out.

If by any chance anyone is interested, then we can figure out the shipping logistics together.

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