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Got a warning “12V battery is being conserved”

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I was out today and got this alert on the app when I tried to turn on the remote climate control (to run the A/C). I’m guessing it came up because I turned on the remote climate control twice within 2 hours (at noon and 2) while I was out picking up stuff at the mall. When I tried to turn it on the third time (at 3) that’s when I got this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the car looks out for 12V battery drain. I just wasn’t expecting it and haven’t seen it mentioned before on the forum. Was curious if it’s shown up for others after running the climate control a certain number of times and whether it was more likely to happen with A/C than heat. I’m guessing A/C is a bigger drain than heat, but I don’t know if that’s correct.

BTW I should say, each time I turned on the remote climate control, I was on my way to the car and got derailed and I didn’t make it. I wasn’t mindlessly cooling an empty car. Also, probably an obvious point but it wasn’t plugged into a charger. I’m assuming if it had been plugged in the 12V wouldn’t drain to this level.
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I've never seen this message, and especially when it was new, used CarNet all the time! I suspect you may have a 12v battery that needs checking/replacing. (Having a bad 12V battery can happen to any vehicle, and I've seen it on a new Subaru.)
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