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Grizzl-E EVSE upgrade

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If anyone who has a Grizzle-E EVSE is interested in upgrading to the Smart EVSE, take a look at this page:

"This Upgrade offer is ONE TIME opportunity to upgrade Classic Grizzl-E into Grizzl-E Smart."

Must be ordered before 9/1/2021
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I feel like this is putting the cart before the horse. Right now, there isn't much use with adding the smart functionality to the Grizzl-e charger. I've emailed a couple of the software providers and they don't plan on having anything available before 4th quarter this year and it's likely to get delayed until sometime next year.

I have a Grizzl-e Smart charger now that is a replacement for the one that died on me last month and the only real functionality I have gotten out of the web interface is to track electricity usage. The charger itself is working fine now that I replaced the original unit, but don't expect much functionality until the better management software is available, likely from a third party.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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