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GTX-like front "diamond" light parts

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Team - planning to retro fit the "diamond front lights" from GTX to "regular" ID.4. Realizing the swap has multiple components:

1) A light module (those are not individual LEDs for each diamond, but one module installed below) the part numbers are 11A941055A and 11A941056A
2) Black cover

Does anyone know, please, what the part numbers are for the black cover left and right?

P.S. Thank you ID.Furkan for making a close-up shot of the GTX...

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Here's a pair of fog and driving lights I would install in either RWD or AWD.

Hella Micro DE

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Hella Micro DE Xenon

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Nice! Good options, I considered earlier implementing the "OEM like design" in your second suggestion using these LEDs. But OEM is OEM :) No more hacking until it is absolutely necessary :)

Frankly I like more the first option you Photoshop'ed (similar to what I did on my Jetta...)
Thank you, and thanks for the LED link.

Those LEDs you've in mind should work in either case. The 2nd optional flush mount gives OEM look vs the other 2.
The Hella Micro DE fog light kit will set you back my guestimate of $300-400.
The Hella Micro DE Xenon light kit will set you back my guestimate of $400-600.

This one posted in post #6 sells for a lot less. But they're only for DRLs.
That's an interesting mod. Thanks for sharing.
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