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Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?

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Wondering if anyone that has ordered a GTX has gotten any estimated delivery dates?
My order has had the status "ordered" ever since I put down the order back in May.
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Hello to everyone. I am from Cyprus and i have order an ID.4 GTX on 17/11/21. Still waiting for locked production week. We have started fron 13w and come up to 40 from September were in 1w/23.
As you can see below at week 45 VW produce 7100 bev at zwickau plant.

I ordered GTX first week in August AG5... and I received information that car can be collected next week at the dealer. I have all plus packages except roof and hitch. Finally :cool:
You have order in August 2022?
What kind of seats you have choose?
The dealers can access the VW system and check the status.

As my projected production week was moved to earlier just now, after the record week, well, it kinda fits my theory of the projected week simply being a cue that adjusts based on production and only the confirmed week actually being semi-reliable.
Is not a theory. This is the actual meaning, this what my dealer explain to me. What is your new projected production week?
Preliminary production week moved from wk1/23 to wk2/23. Hope this must be the last change!
Regarding the record production at Zwickau is this the new normal and taking into account that they manufacture a few more brands, anyone that knows how big the backlog is with all the brands together? Not sure whether the high end brands like Porche and Audi is prioritised above VW. I am waiting 2 weeks more before checking the status with the dealer. I guess in a normal cicumstances a dealer will reach out 1-2 weeks before delivery to client to inform that the car can be picked up. But nothing is normal these days....
At Zwickau produce VW ID3, ID4, ID5, Audi Q4, Cupra Born. None Porsche and Skoda.
Add ID.Buzz to the list, I believe.
ID. Buzz assembled at Hannover.
ID.4 assembled also at Emden.
My order also November 2021 still planned for 202302, I have 360 camera, electric tailgate, 12" display and HUD.
The Q4 quattro, the ID.5 GTX still assembled at Zwickau only. And all this models have big delays also. So i suppose that ID.4 GTX assembled at Zwickau and Emden.
Regards my order (nov21) projected production week, shift from wk2 to wk4!
^Source for any variation of Enyaq being built at Zwickau?
No, sorry is my fault i will correct it.
The subwoofer is on the multimedia plus package, the one with the HUD.
As i know if your car is my22 this is normal, i mean without the side sensor and without the subwoofer, if is my23 something going rong. Chek you vin no.
Sure depend on MY and Country but you have also to check packages codes.

From my search i have found the following

Infotainment package plus with code RD2 includes subwoofer, RD5 not.

Assistance package plus with code WD3 includes side sensors, WD4 not.
My order 17/11/21 is now projected for wk4!!!
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This is production the first projected production week was wk13/22!!!
Talked to my dealer on the phone right now and she said my Id.4 GTX is locked for production in week 4 2023. 🥳
When did you order, and what level of equipment?
Anyone non Swedish have this Goodwill package or is only for Sweden?!
Also my order postponed by 2 weeks from wk4 to wk6!!!
Have followed this forum regularly the last half year. Ordered a ID4 GTX in March. Today my sales contact said that it has gone into production. Asked about the goodwill that is shown on My volkswagen but he did not know about this at all.
What level of equipment?
Fingers crossed all you people waiting will get your cars soon!

This is OT but wanted to update my mini review after some 1500 km, 6 weeks and driving under various conditions:

  • Very comfortable and fun to drive
  • Heating fast and effective
  • Performs well in snow, on motorway, rough roads etc.
  • Software 3.2 has quite a few bugs/glitches and some really odd ones e.g. "Hello ID" starts at random and when I once asked to turn off seat heating it closed down the AC completely :/
  • Upgraded sound system a delight to listen to
  • No background lights for volume and temp is indeed strange but one gets used to it
  • Would like a "close trunk door and lock car" button (as I had with my previous Volvo XC60)
  • The manual, 414 pages long, would be nice to have in pdf
  • Standard seats just fine - and I have a quite bad back
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Also my order is now returned to wk04 but still not confirmed/locked!
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