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Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?

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Wondering if anyone that has ordered a GTX has gotten any estimated delivery dates?
My order has had the status "ordered" ever since I put down the order back in May.
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Hi Guys,

I came here because this is the only place on the whole Internet (for now) where the "VE: special goodwill 2023 I" is mentioned and discussed.
I just want to tell you that this option is probably not related to the vehicle because I've been waiting more than a year for a Tiguan 2.0 TDI, and the option just showed up in my inventory (maybe around the time when my order became a year old).

Of course, the VW dealers do not know what this is.

Hope that this mystery will reveal soon :)

Best wishes,
Good news my GTX is finally schedule for wk06!
That's great :)
So, in a couple of weeks we might find what the "VE: special goodwill 2023 I" is :)
As i am in Cyprus and the transport journey is a bit more, 5 to 7 weeks, i will see if apply to Cyprus country models, as I think here it mention only ftom Swedish.
Aaa, okay. If you do not have it in your Inventory then you won't receive it :)
I'm from Bulgaria and I have it for my Tiguan. It was planed for wk06 but that was before the New Year, now it has been moved to wk09 and I have to continue waiting...
Hey Guys,

I have a request for those of you that now have their vehicles scheduled for production.

I suppose that you have access to - Choose your market / language (maybe there are different sites for different countries like this where you can check few things about your order (we saw the misterios "VE: special goodwill 2023 I" option there).
So, my question is - could you please load that page, then open the Developer option of your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.), go to network tab and hit Ctrl+R (this is for Chrome). Then some files will be loaded, the interesting are - "relations" and in my case "4702021197166". I suppose that in your case the "4702021197166" should be with other name, following that pattern.

Rectangle Font Electric blue Pattern Parallel

When you open the "relations" in Preview it should list something like this (this is my order not been confirmed yet)

Rectangle Font Parallel Software Number

I want to know if some of those fields are changed when the order is confirmed.

Thanks in advance,
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According to my dealer, my car went into production 19/12. Since then I have not heard anything. No emails saying production is finished or car will soon be in Sweden. Last year I had an order on another car and then I got emails like this. My volkswagen is not updated either. Atanas I followed your instruction but I did not get any relevant info. Will contact dealer next week. The oned that have got a car recently have you got these automatic emails and got updates throuh My volkswagen?

Thanks for taking a look. So, do you have a similar output from the "relations" file like mine? Strangely that you do not have the VIN yet (if the car went into production back in December).

Actually, the idea of my post was to check with all of you if the "relations" info is taken from VW and if we can rely on the data there. Maybe this is all wrong, and there is no other way for us except to bother the local dealers and ask them for order updates from time to time.
It is a pity that we can track our orders online whenever we wish.

Is anyone else that can make the same check? This will either confirm or dismiss my theory :)

Best wishes,
Finally got info today, that my car is built and ready for transport to Sweden, Gothenburg. According to Sales rep the guess is delivery late Feb or beginning Mar. It sounds late. How long deliveries did you have to sweden? I got the car locked mid Dec 2021. :)
That's great news! Congratulations :)
Do you have anything changed in this regard in your myVM portal/site? Some more details there? For example the VIN number?
Got info from my dealer monday this week that the car was in ”painting”. Got the VIN number today. However no other info in email or in MyVolkswagen except that the VIN number can be seen in MyVw.
Originally sales contact said that is was started to be produced 19th of dec but that seems to be wrong. However it is nice to see some progress.
Could you please check my post from Jan 13 (Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?) and share with us if any of the Fields (that I'm showing on the second picture) were updated for your order? You can remove any private/sensitive data and just tell which fields were modified.
I'm trying to find how accurate the data is and if we can rely on any of the fields there to track our orders.

Thanks in advance,
Hi, yes a few days ago I could not see the specification list. Now I see VIN number and picture of the car. What can you do with the VIN number? Track the delivery, if so where?
Did you read my whole old post here - Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?
You won't see the data on the web page. You have to use the Developers tools of your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) and then follow my instruction to reload the page and find the relation file (it is a JSON file format) which is shown on the second picture on my post.

There you can see the VIN number any many more fields, for example

"vehicleNickname": "Tiguan Elegance 2.0 l TDI SCR 4MOTION",
"roleReseted": false,
"dateOfFirstUse": null,
"licensePlate": "",
"preferredContact": null,
"dealerId": "00020",
"dealerBrandCode": "VOLKSWAGEN_BRAND:V",
"allocatedDealerCountry": "BG",
"carnetAllocationTimestamp": null,
"carnetAllocationType": null,
"carnetIndicator": false,
"brandCode": null,
"purchaseDealer": null,
"primaryCar": false,
"role": "UNKNOWN",
"roleLastModified": null,
"enrollmentStatus": "UNKNOWN",
"enrollmentStatusLastModified": null,
"tags": [],
"vehicle": {
  "vin": null,
And the question is - do you see any meaningful data there? My "enrollmentStatus" is "UNKNOWN" because they always postpone to build my order for the last year.
You can hide you VIN, commissionId or any other private data and show us the rest, or just confirm that the fields are different for your order.

Best wises,
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Can see following.
vehicleNickname":"ID.4 GTX 4MOTION",
"errorMessages":["Error from communication with Enrollment: Hystrix circuit short-circuited and is OPEN"]}]}
Thank you!
Looks like that only the enrollmentStatusLastModified has been changed (apart from the VIN number).
Hope that you will get your vehicle as soon as possible :)

Sorry I dont use that kind of tools
Don't worry :)
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