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Here are some details on what I do. I use the Chrome browser.
1) Go to the page that shows the wheel of torture.
2) click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. A drop down menu should appear.
3) select more tools->developer tools. The right side of the browser should now show the developer tool.
4) Select the network tab. Click the Preserve log check box.
5) Hold down the Ctrl key (Command on a Mac) and press the R key. Your screen should refresh.
6) You should see a bunch of lines. I have one line starting with css and then a bunch of lines starting with graphql.
7) Click on the third graphql line down (may be different in Europe).
8) Expand the data display by clicking on the right facing arrowheads
9) You should expand the second data, then authenticatedGetReservations, then Content, then 0.
10) One of the lines should look like the following:
orderStatusCode: "15-1"

From what I can tell by other's reporting, 15-1 means order locked, 15-2 means entering production and 20-1 means leaving the factory (and the wheel of torture will finally advance).
That's only useful in the US as the codes are coming from VW of America's website - I'm pretty sure they're translating the factory codes (which are different and more granular) into these "order status codes" (which are specific to VW of America).
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