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Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?

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Wondering if anyone that has ordered a GTX has gotten any estimated delivery dates?
My order has had the status "ordered" ever since I put down the order back in May.
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Can you track the status online or do you have to contact the dealer? I ordered mine beginning of May with delivery date week 36 I have been informed about a risk of 2 months delay!
Spoke to my dealer today: we are automatically getting the upgraded sound system
Wauw nice to hear.
Still no word on delivery though :(
I think the app works differently in DK: I cannot log in with our equivalent to your BankID (NemID), so I have to either choose Facebook or create a simple account using my own user and password - basically, we have no way of linking ourselves to any specific car, as far as I can tell.
If you own a VW now it shows up in the App - likewise with the We-Connect data. However, there ís no link to ordered cars. On the Wep-app the ID.4 actually shows up but I do not see any order tracking data at all.
That is annoying indeed. My order date was May 10 and I get very limited info as well. Unfortunately I also got the news on the sound system only being for the 2022/2 model that can be ordered from week 48.I assume the 3.0 version of the software can be delivered OTA. The current info to me on production date is beginning of October - which is strange since it later than both of yours.
According to the dealer, we both do - but am going to talkto the in person this Wednesday, and I will not leave until the dealer has gotten a few straight answers from the importer.

This is in Danish, but am I the only one, who reads this as if we get the upgraded sound system included?

The written word does not correlate with the spoken from the importer, as far as I can tell.
I agree with you that what they have written is that we should get the upgraded sound system. However, it is cryptic as to whether it is all RD5 systems that get upgraded to RD2 or there has been an interim period where they were able to sell the RD2 system at a reduced rate - I hope for the former.
I will find out and inform you, post - I have written FDM's legal council, so they can give their formal assessment of the matter.

If I can negotiate an upgrade or a compensation, you should be able to do so as well by referring to this case and the FDM legal assessment.
Great and thanks. Good luck Wednesday
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Thanks for sharing what you learned and your view on the 'extras'.

I think it is quite provocative to start adding features and extras to a car model before they have even shipped the first cars to customers and now it is a matter of a few weeks difference in production you will actually get extras on the car at no cost. As someone else much for being among the first to order.
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Great to hear that you are getting confirmed delivery dates. I have not received an update yet. My order date was May 10. I wonder what on earth they are doing at VW????
Wow - I just got a VIN-number on my GTX in the "myVolkswagen" web login from Sweden. The App "Min Volkswagen" still says that it is in status production planning though. But at least something is happening... I have been checking both the web and the app on a daily basis and this is the first status change in a month.
Great to hear. Can you share the first 11 digits of the VIN number? I have the chassis number on mine (the last six that are unique to the car as I understand it) and perhaps I can then start searching for status changes
Thanks. The description is below. So for a GTX being build in 2021 the first 11 digits will be identical and the last six be the serial number.
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Finally. The car has been shipped and currently I have agreed a pickup date Nov 11🤞
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Getting kinda frustrated, my car is still stuck in production hell. You guys that have received your car, did you pick the the towbar option?
I ordered May 9 I believe with tow bar (and all other options ticked). It arrived with the dealer yesterday and I will pick it up Thursday. I think the colour choice may have impacted delivery dates as well. I changed the colour in June to stonewashed blue, which was not available when it was released for sale.
Thanks - I actually saw it yesterday and I really like the colour :)
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