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Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?

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Wondering if anyone that has ordered a GTX has gotten any estimated delivery dates?
My order has had the status "ordered" ever since I put down the order back in May.
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Newbie here also joining to discussion. I have also ordered GTX with tow hook on early May. The car have been in 'production' state for weeks. This week was amazing since first I got the vin-code and today the Finnish tracking portal says, car is ready.
Which package level did you order? We have the business max on order with tow hook. No vin or anything yet for us.

I did see someone get their normal business level GTX last week here in Finland.
My dealer in Finland got a red GTX yesterday and I was able to spend 1 hour with it.

First of all the looks are amazing! By far the best looking EV to my taste. Once inside the car I found the blue-red highlights to be nice. I was worried that I would have disliked that in person. Then on to the road. Foot down from the first lights and YES! Now this accelerates like its supposed to and I can feel it in my stomach as well. Also the overtaking acceleration is pretty good now so going from 80 to 120 kmh goes swiftly and you do not have to worry about making it.

Also checked the trunk and no subwoofer there on this one and I think this car had all the options included except the tow hook. The audio was ok to my taste and maybe does not need an upgrade. Will have to see later on. I also did a short efficiency test (20 km only) and at 110kmh GPS speed I got 21.4kwh/100km which is a bit high, but the car was running 21" Narvik wheels. At the end of my 1 hour test I was starting to notice how good the top sport seat is. Really happy that we picked those to our car.

This did not help the car fewer at all, but now I know at least it is worth the wait :D
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This is what my sales guy also told me. That the tracking does not go smoothly with the backlog. The updates do not come as they happen in real life and they might jump several steps at once.
Lucky fellows... ordered middle of May and no sign of car or that it would have been produced.
My GTX also finally moved forward and is now in production. Expected delivery at the end of October.
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Seems like it :)
Maybe in this group, but there are definitely customer GTX's out there already. Have seen few delivered here already.
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