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Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?

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Wondering if anyone that has ordered a GTX has gotten any estimated delivery dates?
My order has had the status "ordered" ever since I put down the order back in May.
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Hi, I have also recently ordered a gtx. According to the seller I will have to wait 4 months. He did however mention something interesting. Looking at VW they are focusing on geting the ID series on the market rather than the other models. They are still have deals on the id 4 series but increasing price on the other models.

Another thing I am tackling is the infotainment plus package, which I have ordered. According to the seller there is NOT a speaker upgrade in that package, or it does not mention it in the details but when I look at vw homepage it states a speaker upgrade with more speakers and a subwoofer also. I spoke with vw, and got an inofficial answe that there was a speaker upgrade. Will try to get that on print somehow as that is important for me.
Ye, no update on my front, still not begun building it. According to my dealer there is something like a two week delay, so hopefully week 36 or 37 at the latest, exlucding missing parts dragging that out further.

I'm fairly sure there is no speaker upgrade, I test-drove a fully equipped GTX and the sound was just as awful as in the ID.4 Pro performance and ID.4 Max that I've also tested.
I however did pick the Infotainment Plus-package, as your surely already know, it gives you AR, heads-up display and the bigger infotainment screen.
To solve the sound I've contacted a speaker installer, and will be getting the full focal kit (being discussed in the sound thread) installed before I take delivery.
Below is the link for the vw page claiming a speaker upgrade for the infotainment plus package.

How much will you paying for the speaker upgrade?

Infotainment paket Plus
Welcome to the forum and the GTX order!

May I ask when you ordered exactly, and where you are located?

And also: where do you see the speaker upgrade?

With regards to the ID.-family, VW is prioritising it over the ICE-models, as VW is facing a massive EU-fine, should they miss their CO2-target - unfortunately, the semiconductor crisis is now not only affecting the ICE-lines but also Zwickau.
Speaker upgrade is listed on the swedish vw page.

Infotainment paket Plus
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16K for equipment and installation, for the FOCAL INSIDE PREMIUM 6.2 kit, with a small change, where the amplifier was changed to a Musway M6v2.

Very weird, I'll need to double check that with my dealer. Tho I'm still fairly sure that's not a thing, as I said, I drove a GTX with all the extra equipment, and that certainly didn't have a dedicated sub, and it was most certainly the same sound system as in the other versions of ID.4.

Also if you read the description on "build your own car": it's very clear you don't get anything close to 400 watts:

And the detailed description doesn't even mention speakers, as that's not an actual included "extra thing" (it is already included as standard, they have just made the item descriptions confusing as hell):

How did you navigate to reach that page?
I started searching because the dealership couldn’t give a proper answer. When I found that link om VW page i reached out to them. The person from customer service couldn’t answer but reached out to one of the managers who then confirmed the info. I have however not gotten a proper written response. I have sent an email to try to get the same conformation again. However, I fear that you are right because I experienced the same thing when I drove the gtx in comparison to the regular ID 4.
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum.

We ordered at ID.4 GTX in mid August. Dealer said ETA was week 12! But the dealer also said everything is very uncertain -- could be before, could be later. However, six months seems like a very long time to wait, so we were a bit disappointed about this. Anyway, I've noticed that some people in here are able to do some kind of tracking via the page, but I'm not sure how to do this. Could someone explain to me how I can do that since the dealer appears to be incapable of sharing any kind of information until six weeks before the expected delivery date.

Also, if anyone has any information on updates on the shipping rates that would be much appreciated.
I downloaded the app my volkswagen. You have to identify yourself. In sweden we use ”bankid”, not sure what you use in denmark. I can see my car there and the next step. It does not specify anything about estimated delivery.

I don’t know if the more experienced guys have another way of following the process? If there is I would appreciate that info also.
Thanks. That's helpful. However, do you mean that you can see the car you ordered in the app? Because I can't see anything in my app. Did it just appear in there once you logged in? Or did you have to do something?
As I said, I identified myself with a digital id. Something I have to do everytime I log in. I actually got the link for the app from VW a couple of days after the purchase
Spoke to my dealer today: we are automatically getting the upgraded sound system
Hum… so does that mean that the test cars were not fitted with the upgraded sound even though they were fully equipped? Something is a little fishy if you ask me. That’s why I am pushing for a proper conformation on this to be able to have sonething to fall back on
Most likely due to the immense logistical issues within both the production and shipping sectors
Ok then, fingers crossed. I will keep you posted if I manage to get a proper confirmation
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Lucky you!

I just received a completely different response from my dealer & VW Sweden:
View attachment 5423
This was concerning to the information Tompa3999 found on And it more or less says that they will be removing the incorrect text (Edit, they have already changed the text on the site) and that the speaker upgrade will be available at a later date.
Haha…. The plot thickens…
A got an Nice mail from my vw dealer today, my gtx was now build in germany and will be send to sweden in a few weeks, also got an update in app "almost ready build". Just ordered an 11 kW homecharger so will be ready at home when delivered. I drove an red gtx last week for an hour, what a dream!

Makes one realize how far off mine is. Hopefully santa will bring something shiny red for me.

Question; what charger did you get? Will they install it aswell? Since we both are in Sweden and I will be looking at chargers soon. How abouy delivery time for those?
Just have to join in with a data-point, as I am also waiting for delivery of my GTX:
First info on build week when I ordered before the summer was w 29.
Week 34 I was informed about a delay but that it was locked for production...
Now in the MinVolkswagen App it says status "Production Planning".
Silver GTX with most packages and towbar, Sweden. Waiting, waiting...
Did it ever say anything else in the app besides ”production planning”? I am wondering how reliable the info is in the app and if there is another source of info
I've installed a Wallbox Pulsar Plus, completed cost including load balancer and electrician landed on 9400:- after green deductible.
Thats a fair price I would say. It seems like the charge amps halo is a popular charger with good reviews so I am looking at that at the moment
On a more positive note, our production date got move forward from week 12 (2022) to week 51 (2021). We ordered mid-August.
Need to check with my dealer aswell. I have the same orderdate - mid august. He spoke about 4 months but never specified anything really.
The semi conductur shortage worries me alot and could be the reason that it will take 8 months instead of 4.
16K for equipment and installation, for the FOCAL INSIDE PREMIUM 6.2 kit, with a small change, where the amplifier was changed to a Musway M6v2.

Very weird, I'll need to double check that with my dealer. Tho I'm still fairly sure that's not a thing, as I said, I drove a GTX with all the extra equipment, and that certainly didn't have a dedicated sub, and it was most certainly the same sound system as in the other versions of ID.4.

Who is the retailer in sweden and does the installation for this? Am looking to get this also
There are multiple retailers for Focal, I've chosen bilstereohörnan, they have a very good reputation, and so far all communication has been great.
I’m in the south of sweden so I need to hunt for someone that can install the kit here
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So I got an production week set now. Week 43. How long is the estimated time from production start until delivery? How long did you have to wait. In my mind I am think 8-10 weeks?
I think mine was four-five weeks delayed - my dealer said it usually takes between two-three weeks from production to delivery
My only concern is that they will begin production and then come to a stop due to semi conductor shortage…. Again…
Yes, some have been delivered
I’m thinking more about the people in this thread. Perhaps I was somewhat unclear:)
Yes - delivery last Friday
Cool! I’m guessing you ordered sometime in May?
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