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Has anyone received a GTX delivery date?

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Wondering if anyone that has ordered a GTX has gotten any estimated delivery dates?
My order has had the status "ordered" ever since I put down the order back in May.
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I just got a call from my sales guy who thinks it's December for mine now rather than November. Supply chain issues was the only explanation he gave but couldnt specify more in detail. Mine is red and has all options except panoramic roof and dcc.

Audi Q4 is the same as Skoda btw. Things like qi-charging is apparently removed from the packages even due to delivery issues as it adds months to the delivery time.
I got an update this weekend saying "Production is nearly ready" (Nu är din bil snart färdigbyggd) is that the message you are stuck at? We did not select the tow bar package.
Had a theory that tow bar was the culprit that resulted in my delays, alas guess I just wasn't one of the lucky guys. Also ordered mine on the ninth of May.
So what status are you "stuck" in if checking on the web or volkswagen app? Have you gotten a Vin or registration number yet?

I checked the app today and still same status but vin and registration appeared. 😁
Congrats! I'm still in "Nu är produktionsplaneringen av din bil igång", no VIN nor plate. Dealer has confirmed the car is stuck at "final stages of being built", which is the info VW gives dealers when a car is missing parts. It has been at the "final assembly state" for almost 10 weeks now.
That absolutely sucks. When looking at the Q4 E-tron I was actively told not to select some options, maybe VW should have done the same.

My gtx are also stuck in produktion.
Dealer have no clue when it will be delivered.
Orded middle of july, estimated build w.43.
All boxes except dcc and panoramic roof,
No vin or reg. number in my volkswagen.
I ordered last week of July. My spec is as follows if we can spot a "difference".

King's Red
Top Sport Package
Sports package
Design Package Exterior
Assistance Plus
Infotainment Plus
Comfort plus

I.e. no 21" wheels, no panoramic roof package, no DCC and no tow bar par package.
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No DCC, panoramic roof or sport package
So likely one of the culprits is:

Scale silver

So maybe that towbar package is the thing after all. :)
Got the win now
Wow. That was quick considering your order date!

And feels like a game of roulette here since you had the tow bar. 😝
Woohoo.. Just got my delivery date.. 6th of December!

Talking to the dealer it's also really apparent that there really is no logic to what cars get delayed. They apparently have orders with identical cars, ordered on the same day, produced on the same day where one is already on the way, and the other is stuck in Germany waiting for parts/semiconductors and no other information.

A speculation is that the production line is so tightly tied to just-in-time that if you you "miss your slot" waiting for a part you simply end up in a manual process which is just so much slower.

Also learnt that the VW plant is actually scheduled for a one week later this year and that GTX's ordered now likely will be delivered in April/May if you put in an order now. :/ (Which is at least better than BMW iX that my colleague just ordered and he was told he'll get it in 8-9 months. )
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Nonetheless, feels kinda shitty to not be receiving a completely new car with the "latest kit".
Yeah, agree, but it also feels like this is the new way of buying cars, they should start to version them like software. :)

I saw some youtube clips around the hardware not changing BUT this being an upgrade that had to be done at a dealer (when it came to the travel assist upgrades.) - wonder if it was ID.Furkan or Battery Life when he was looking at the ID5. Park assist I really don't care for anyway though.

Will be interesting to see if I get the upgraded speaker though, that is something I would really like. In the equipment list for my car it states "4 högtalare + 1 centerhögtalare fram och 2 högtalare bak" - was it really 7 speakers before?
Ahh, ok, I thought it was just 5 speakers before. To me it sounded OK before anyway so don't really matter too much.
You got that from your dealer or inside the app? Mine is still in Cuxhaven waiting for shipment.
I got my delivery date from the dealer. My app never even went into "transportation" but just jumped straight to "Soon your Volkswagen is with your dealer". According to the same dealer the app/MyVolkswagen is not really to be trusted as the statuses do not match what they are seeing in the system in a lot of cases...
I meant the VIN number (chassinummer in Swedish?)
Ahh, sorry, you can see that in MyVolkswagen (On the web, myVolkswagen | Ihre Fahrzeuge ) where I see the VIN but NOT the registration number strangely enough. The Min Volkswagen app or its web counterpart (Min Volkswagen. Gör livet med bilen enklare. -- Super-confusing as Min Volkswagen is MyVolkswagen in Swedish - but they are apparently different things) it only shows the registration number and not the VIN...

You have links from here Min Volkswagen - Skapa konto / Logga in | Volkswagen Sverige - Min Volkswagen, leading to MyVolkswagen or Min Volkswagen... Crystal clear, right? :)
Hm I've got my registration number but cannot find the VIN anywhere.
Have you added your ordernumber to MyVolkswagen so your car even shows up in "Mina Fordon//WeConnect/CarNet" - or is it just empty when you go into it? This is what I'm seeing:
Font Number Screenshot Magenta Circle
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I'll DM you as I know it's hard to find and won't clog up this fine thread any more.. But maybe other Swedes get some help from navigating those crazy portals. :D
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I noticed yesterday that registration no is a "user fillable" field on the page where you see your VIN (The one I screen dumped above). So I don't think it's even supposed to be pre-populated there, it's only in the app or on the my vw web page you see the reg no. (It's actually more visible on the Accessories/Tillbehör tab)
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"Loen". They come standard as silver (the rims VW recommends when purchasing the car) but they also come in black if you ask your dealer.
Nice! I looked at them but my dealer could only sell them black as 20" (silver was both 19 and 20) and I really didn't want that beefy winter tires. Apparently they are available as black 19" in Finland for instance.. :cautious:

Overall I think that "Loan" rim is really good looking for a winter rim though regardless of color!
Collection day in a cold Sweden... Drove 70 km to get below 80% to test the charger in our garage as well.. Awesome car. Really amazed at how quiet it is but maybe even more how well the heat worked at - 14 deg c.

Quite happy with delivery today, ordered on 4th of August. People ordering today apparently get a projected delivery date of August 2022....

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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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We ordered in mid August this year. First we were told Week 51, then week 12, then week 17, now 24. It's getting pretty ridiculous. Is there anything I can do here?
That sounds crazy, I ordered early August and got my car last Monday.

To me that sounds like your dealer screwed up with the order or sold you car to someone paying more to be honest.

Shitty situation nonetheless, not like you can get it faster if ordering elsewhere. :(
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