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Hello from Dallas, Texas area

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3rd week of Nov I put in reservation for an ID.4 AWD Pro S. I filled out the questionnaire here as well.

This will be my first EV.

At this time the due date was before 2Q21. If it pushes much further than that I will start looking at other options on the horizon.

I have been waiting for a reasonably priced EV that has target mileage of ~300mi+ per charge. The ID.4 checks the boxes assuming it is reliable and delivered before there are more options for me to choose from.
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Welcome. I'm also near Dallas, and I have a reservation for a 1st Edition (also my first EV). Definitely looks like a good option, and I think things like absent heat pump won't be big issues around here. I'm not very excited about the other options I've seen for the near future, so I'm hoping this works out.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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