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Hello all. I’m two weeks and 400 miles in…
a few mystery messages, but really liking my Pro S. First EV and actually the first EV I have ever been in. Did test drive the Ford, but not interested in $5-10k over msrp. Preferred the VW anyway. I am coming out of an Alfa Romeo Giulia. So a big big difference, but one I am totally enjoying. The software glitches are kind of funny. They happen once and then gone. No big deal.
I have done most of the little mods…mud guards, screen protector etc. One though is really nice… Being a lifelong audiophile the standard stereo is really not bad. Compared to the Giulia’s stereo it’s really good. However, going to the Focal speakers is a big improvement. No subwoofer required. Just separates in front and coaxial in back. The Focal’s (Inside 165 VW) just drop in. I had them installed by professionals. $800 installed. It took about 2 hours. Now it sounds fantastic. Well worth the money.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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