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Tesla Model X, Kings Red ID.4 Pro S Gradiant, Rivian R1T (On Order)
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We ordered an ID.4 Pro S on September 6th. Gradient package so I could get a non boring color, picked Red.

This will be my fourth EV. I have owned a Bolt EV (leased, returned), Fiat 500E, and a Tesla Model X. We will be trading the 500E in for the ID.4. It will primarily be my college students vehicle as they've been driving the 500E as part of their 'car they can ruin if they wreck while learning to drive' but now the range limits of the Fiat are too low. I hope to replace the Bolt with something like and Audi Q4 Etron, or a Rivian R1T, or yeah lots of other options once Covid is done and I need a car again. I really enjoy cars.

I've been a VW owner before, and an Audi owner. Audi is my first love of cars, but we had a new turbo S beetle when they first came out in the late 90s. My luck with that car wasn't great so hoping things have changed since the late 1990s. By 15000 miles I'd had a clutch fail, air conditioner fail, and we traded it in on an Audi allroad as we went from 'you can't have kids' to 'you're having a kid' and now I have four of them 20 years later.
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