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Home L2 EVSE recommendation (Wallbox Pulsar)

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If anyone is looking for a good EV charger for the home that does not rely on internet connectivity and can be expanded later to support additional functionality I went ahead and purchased/installed a Wallbox Pulsar.

I have a 30A circuit at my home that was initially installed for a Tesla charger. One of the biggest reasons I went with this charger is that you are able to lock the charger to a specific amperage as the safest limit I can pull is 24A on a 30A circuit with the 10AWG. When I decide to upgrade the conduit and increase the wire gauge I can later increase the charger capacity up to 48A.

Most importantly is that this product doesn't require internet access and you can use bluetooth to connect, configure and manage. I haven't tried their energy management solutions but as I upgrade the furnace and water heater to electric in the next few years it's nice to know the charger can rate limit the car charging without having to upgrade the panel at times of heavy load.

Just thought I should share as I found many out there but either required dedicated internet to operate (not ideal if the brand dies off or internet issues) and others didn't have either the capability to set a specific amperage limit and required 50A out of the box.

Feel free to post a competitor that you would recommend for the new guys out there.
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My goplug smart EVSE does not require internet, and you can set it to lock to a specific rate either with the phone or desktop app or DIP switches like dumb chargers. All brands I have seen will allow setting the rate, but I am not sure how good they are at "locking" to a rate (so they remember and always start at that rate after being unplugged, like mine does.) It might be good to start a list of those you found that require internet, or cannot lock to a rate setting.
I believe the EA Homestation is one of them and best to avoid. ChargePoint requires internet as well but based on what I have read you can still charge without using an app to start it.
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