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How to eliminate disc brakes squeal

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Top: Inboard front pad piston side Bottom: Outboard front pad carrier side
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Outboard front pad driver's side
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Outboard rear pad passenger's side
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I too apply grease* to the wheel hub-face, but that's more to counter dissimilar metal 'occlusive seal' which thereafter makes wheel removal easier. Always careful not to get any near the lug bolt holes - 7S Power's example shows another vehicle with fixed lug bolts and I wouldn't apply any grease near threads for same reason!
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*historically I've used copper grease but there are now better types specifically for this brake purpose.
You said, I said. I've used Permatex aluminum ASC in my various VAG cars with no ill effect at all. It works with other makes too.
I see grease applied near-on the bottoms of the wheel lug bolts in your [other than ID.4] vehicle photo. I always made sure I came nowhere near in my applications. The rest of the face/hub ring application is fine and again I feel it's of value.
The wheel nuts don't go all the way down that far!

Please post pictures of yours.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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