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ID.3 100 kW motor: 50 - 70 mph acceleration?

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I've only been able to try the 150kW version on test drives. I am concerned that if I buy the 100 kW version, overtaking might be a bit slower than I am used to - I currently have a 92 kW Golf which is quite a bit lighter. Has anyone got figures or experience?
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My bad, missed that!
Ah well! I live on Lanzarote, in the Spanish Canary Islands, of the West African coast at about the same latitude as Cape Canaveral, and the longest return journey you can do is about 100m miles, so neither low temperatures or range anxiety are a problem. However, slow moving tourists gazing at the view are, which is why I want something that can overtake easily.
They tend to drive annoyingly slightly less than the posted limit, and hold up a train of vehicles behind then.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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