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People who signed up to order the ID.3 1st edition will have the option to receive their ID.3s in September or, alternatively, a few months later.

When owners decide to get their ID.3s will depend on whether or not they all the features available to it from the day they get the keys, reports VW Vortex. If they opt for September, their ID.3 won't have App Connect nor the distance feature in the head-up display activated.

Volkswagen is promising that these features will become available but, unfortunately, not until later. The company promises that those who wait will receive their ID.3 1st edition in the fourth quarter of 2020 and will have access to all features available on the car.

Lessees will not have to pay any leasing rates for the first three months. All 1st edition buyers will also be automatically signed up for “ID.3 1st Movers Club.” This will give owners a direct line to the company and any information they want to give will be used as feedback for future cars.
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