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ID.3 first movers got a lease credit, reason to lease?

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A possible reason to lease, the Battery LIfe guy on YouTube reported that as a first mover he got three months of lease credit so, for him it is okay that the software is not complete (See at about 15:30).

I wonder (wild speculation!) if we might get similar break, if there are gaps in the software.

For example, he says the maps work well, but do not show the locations of newer charge stations. Also, almost every time someone shows the new ID.4 gesture feature, it does not work, and the VW guy says, well this is just a prototype.

Is "first mover" just a European figure of speech (our early adopter), or do you have to be a member of some "first mover group"? The Facebook group?
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Basically getting a bonus for accepting delivery on an incomplete vehicle. The "club" aspect is their signing up to be beta testers.

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