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ID.3 No Sound in the Infotainment (None at All)

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Got my ID.3 Tour two days ago and I believe I've made the right choice! :)

Today after a night's charge I got in the car and after getting on the road I noticed I could not play anything from the Android Auto.
Initially I thought it was a problem with the Android Auto connection, but later Ι noticed that neither the Radio nor the GPS directions were being played.
I tried to disconnect the phone completely by shutting down the phone's bluetooth and WiFi, held down the ID's infotainment power button in order to restart it and I still had the same problem.

I went into the Audio Settings (where the stingy EQ is) and there was an error being displayed: "The sound settings will be made available again soon".
I couldn't edit the EQ sliders and the volume settings were not respoding either, nor the one in the screen neither the one on the wheel.
Stoping the car, getting out, locking it and then getting back in and starting it up didn't fix it either.

Maybe when I get back to it it'll be up and running on its own again, but since I noticed there were no Google results about this problem I decided to write about it so that when it's resolved, people will know about it.
Or hopefully somebody here has already been through it!
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And just as the problem occured on its own, it was solved on its own!
Just left the car on the parking and went to office, returned and the sound was working.
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