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ID.4 1st edition vs. Pro model

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Does anyone knows whats the difference between the ID4 1st edition vs. the Pro version?
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1st edition (now sold out/no longer available for reservation) is a rear-wheel drive Pro with both available packages (Statement and Gradient) plus some 1st edition badging and unique white interior trim including a white steering wheel. It's MSRP was at a ~$1000 discount in comparison to purchasing a loaded Pro RWD
Actually it was $2000 discount! Interesting tact for a limited edition model but I think it was smart to start with highest battery capacity and give discount for initial deliveries to generate buzz
The top model Pro version cost around 45k and looks like it has the same features as the 1st edition one.
In addition to what others posted, the 1st edition is also supposed to have a tow hitch, and the pause and play pedals.
Pro 39,995 + 6,000= 45,995. 1st Edition 43,995 with some small extra?’s
Which equals 2,000 less. Unless dealer marks them up 3-5k which I heard is going to happen?
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I got my order in for a 1st Edition. Another important (IMO) feature of these first runs if ID.4s is they will be manufactured in Germany, not Chattanooga, Tennessee, which comes online in 2022.
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I got my order in for a 1st Edition. Another important (IMO) feature of these first runs if ID.4s is they will be manufactured in Germany, not Chattanooga, Tennessee, which comes online in 2022.
Yes, but AWD will not be available til then. Also a lesser expensive version too that gets around 200 mi full charge. It will be around 35k. The model year will be 2022 but will be out probably 3rd quarter of next year?
Yes, but AWD will not be available til then.
Unless you live in a zone that gets snow & ice, AWD is highly over rated. I have a 17 MK7 Golf R with AWD and for 99% of my driving in the desert SW, I could be in a much cheaper FWD GTI. I welcome the clearance and visibility of the ID.4 though and, of course, no gasoline. I also have a 5Kw solar array on the roof so minimal expense for me.😁
Great! I’m in an area where winters can be bad? But, I have an AWD new SUV if necessary. But yeah I don’t care about it! I reserved 1st Edition also.
With the $7500 fed tax credit & my trade, I figure my cost will be about 8K. Fortunately, since the Golf R is out of production until 22, the used values are actually coming up. Can’t wait!
Did you know that the tow hitch is retractable, probably like the Volvo XC40 Recharche!!!
Cool no?
I assume it is. I watched a YouTube video and they were using a 1st edition to demonstrate the retractable hitch.
Based on this article below. The Volkswagen ID.4 launches with a limited-run ID.4 1st Edition (MSRP $43,995). The 1st Edition models feature the same content as the Pro model, and Statement package (minus illuminated VW logo) and Gradient package come standard. These models also include unique features including accelerator and brake pedals with "play" and "pause" logos, the steering wheel and column, radio bezel and door island finished in Electric White, 1st Edition badging, black mirror caps, and a tow hitch.

@mryflyguy , can you share a link to the video showing the retractable hitch? I cannot seem to find it.
I looked but sure can’t locate it. It was a review with some dude doing a walk around. I think VW calls it a “foldable” hitch.
From the UK ID.4 page:

Does your hobby need extensive equipment? Do you have a lot to transport for work? No problem at all for the ID.4: the optional towing bracket is designed for loads up to 750 kg (unbraked) or 1,000 kg (braked). If you don’t need the towing bracket at the moment, you can fold it out of sight under the bumper in a few easy steps.
US page:

With braked trailers:
RWD: 2,200
AWD: 2,700

Can the ID.4 tow?

Yes, when equipped with a factory installed tow hitch the 1st Edition of the ID.4 are rated to tow 2200 lbs. (with braked trailers) and all AWD versions of the ID.4 are rated to tow 2700 lbs. (with braked trailers).

*Maximum tow rating for braked trailer only when equipped with appropriate third-party trailer brake controller and factory-installed towing hitch. Vehicle load, other accessories, and options may reduce maximum towing capacity. See vehicle Owner’s Manual for details.
I just found this picture on my reservation page. Look close at the placement of the tow hitch
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