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The ID.4 1st also got listed at, so now many more folks will have seen it.

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 1st Edition Available Again $43,995 minus $7500 Federal tax credit+state/utility incentives

It's an oddball site, great deals from coffee makers to headphones, or paper towel, long discussions about saving cents to a dollar or two on a package of cookies or cans of tuna fish, as well as wide ranging discussions on the merits of Teslas and other EVs.

Many of the comments are ill informed, but generally the takers are a hundred to a thousand times the "likes", not sure if that applies to cars. Some of the deals are more genuine (more "slick"), such as in late 2019 when Hyundai offered $15k+ discounts and $99 / mo. leases for the 2019 Ioniq electric. The Bolt has been listed there too.
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