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I posted this in the regional section this morning and I attended myself.
ID.4 event at Donaldsons VW in Sayville NY today

I met a very knowledgeable VW rep there, and I have her contact information. I can forward questions about the operation of the ID.4 to her if there are any that other forum members can't answer.

I also met another owner there that has been in touch with an ID.4 software developer in Germany and said we can expect an over-the-air update in June. No specifics were given.

They have available a Glacier White FE with Lunar Gray interior for MSRP of $45524. If I remember correctly their prep fee is $500

They also have a PRO and a PRO S coming in next week and I can find out the particulars on those if anyone is interested.

The salesman I used there was Brad Drexler and I would highly recommend him if anyone is interested in these vehicles.
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