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My Car-Net app is totally wonky ever since I tried using it (apologies for yet another Car-Net issues thread).

It links to my car's VPN fine, it has all the free services included, but here's where I'm having trouble:

-It has trouble communicating with my car, specifically climate settings. If I try anything on the Climate settings on the app, it just goes gray until I eventually get a "command timeout," vehicle never replied message
-Randomly got an SOS Error: Emergency Call Function! Service Vehicle error in the car. This went away pretty quickly, although the SOS button is red (not sure what color it should be). Pressing it yields the N/A, please call 1800 generic message. (I don't have the Safe and Secure package, but I think the button should still be operational? maybe not)
-Recently, it is not updating (last updated at like 08 am this morning). This could be a car-net network issue but who knows.

I'm thinking of just factory resetting the infotainment system and see if that triggers or resets the communication? Thoughts, any reason I shouldn't? My dealership doesn't seem to verse in this topic, so if you have a good idea of what to say to them, that could help them as well. I read somewhere it could be a module issue or something?

Thanks for your time and help!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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