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ID.4 Rear Passenger Rattle

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i just picked up my new ID.4 today. To my surprise there is an annoying rattle seeming to come from the rear passenger side moonroof area. The noise seems to comemore precisely behind the rear passenger grab-handle. has anyone experienced this?

Total bummer

VW ID.4 Rear Passenger Rattle
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Mine did the same…was driving me crazy UNTIL I found the the headliner need to be re-snapped into place. When the sunshade is fully open I simply pressed the headliner and top (right near the glass roof) together….actually squeezed them together and there was a clear snap sound. I went around the entire opening and found 4 or 5 more snaps. Haven’t had a sound or rattle since….. Not sure this is your issue, but it worked for me.
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