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ID.4 Roadshow and possible car wraps

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Hey everyone!

Had my second drive of the ID.4 at this morning's Atlanta Roadshow after driving the first FE delivered to my local dealer two weeks ago. Solid vehicle and I liked the drive even better the second time. However, the most intriguing thing was as we walked out to the vehicle, the color seemed quite different. Turns out two of the roadshow vehicles had colored wraps on them. The VW rep said they are working to get four different color schemes to be dealer-added option. And while I like the blue with grey interior AWD Gradient Statement Pro S Magical Electric Mayhem (I still cannot get VW's confusing marketing names straight), the wrap color brought it to a new level of awesome. The ID.4 I drove had a metallic purpleish/blue that looked absolutely amazing in person. Photos I am posting do not do justice to what they look like in person. VW rep said the ID.4 branding would not be on the wraps for customer cars and said they hope to have four colors available but only mentioned another greenish/yellow color. So, just a small interesting tidbit gleaned from the ID.4 roadshow. Now just hoping the Oct-Dec delivery date doesn't slip to spring 2022 :)
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I would be (pleasantly) surprised if this is an official dealer-installed option. Definitely could see individual dealers offering vehicle wraps, as they can now if a customer wants it, but would be surprised if it's an actual VW-sanctioned dealer-installed option. Regardless, I agree, the blue-purple-maroon(?) wrap of those vehicles is gorgeous. If only aftermarket vehicle wraps didn't cost like $4,000.
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This is fantastic, love this color. This is beyond some of the options I was hoping they would have in the car. Now if it is going to be a wrap option for the dealer that would be great however it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg if it’s from the dealer.
I wonder what this would cost. Also, I don't know if I would trust the dealer to install this perfectly.
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