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ID.4's First Anniversary

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The ID.4 began deliveries in the US a year (or so) ago. What's the verdict? I see there are threads here from people who hated the car and got rid of it (or plan to) and threads from people who are frustrated by problems that their dealers are unable to resolve -But those negative voices tend to get amplified online more than those from happy drivers, who usually don't come to online forums. What's your view of the ID.4 after knowing it for awhile? I'm asking about the brand/model, rather than just your personal vehicle (though of course your opinions will largely be based on what has happened with your own car).

Count me as a very happy owner. The ID.4 fits my lifestyle well. Nearly a year in, I have yet to use a public charger -simply because I haven't needed to. I live in the San Diego area, and I have driven to Los Angeles and back on a single charge with no difficulty, and my Level 2 home charger is plenty fast enough to keep me on the road. The car is fun to drive, and very comfortable -it's easy to live with. Oddly, I get more questions and comments about the car now than I did nearly a year ago when it first arrived. It's getting noticed...
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Count me in as a “Happy” driver with my Blue ID4 FE. It’s one of the most comfortable cars I’ve had to date and I agree with you that it is a joy to drive. I’ve had it for almost a year and managed to put 7K miles on the odometer.

My driving consists of a 50-50 mix of local highway driving and freeway driving. To date, my overall efficiency is 3.7 mi/Kwh. I must admit that here on Oahu, there are only 3 freeways (H1, H2, and H3) and the speed limit is 55mph (Oh yeah! We do actually drive at 55 mph around here). On a weekend day, traffic may actually flow at 65mph. That said, this car is outstanding when it comes to driving in stop-and-go traffic. I set the car to ACC, turn up the volume on my fav tunes, and sip my iced latte while the car (almost) does all the work.

Have there been issues with this car? Yes, but for the most part it’s the same gremlins that everyone else has experienced. We’re all hoping that VWoA will fix these with the next update. Knock on wood, no major issues to date.

I do my own L2 home charging using TOU rates. I also take advantage of free charging at local shops, restaurants, or shopping centers, when available. There is no EA DCFC on this island, but the dealer lets me use their DCFC anytime I’m in the neighborhood. Recently, Ala Moana Center installed 3 free DCFC’s. So now my trips into town (Honolulu or Waikiki) are timed so that I can charge from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I just ordered a 2022 ID4 Pro S AWD for myself. My wife gets the FE. Happy, Happy, Happy!
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