0-60 times of this ID. Buzz cargo van with a 330kg/727lbs load dropped to around 11.5-7 seconds.
"ID Cargo loaded up with 330kg. So there is not one review anywhere about the ID Cargo loaded up and how it performs. That's ridiculous, so VW Leicester allowed me to load one up with 330kg of my gym weights and see how it performs as that's the amount of weight I carry permanently in my T6.

0-60 times drops to about 11.5-7 seconds on the obd2 scanner. It's slow but way better than any Transporter. Handling wise is fine, really takes the weight very well and comfort levels improve alot with the weight. Again drives so much better than a Transporter.

Also I put it in sport mode, AC on cold and fannied about accelerating hard, 70mph runs and alot of urban driving with B mode engaged. Managed 2.7m/kWh so not bad at all.

System software isn't bad, people should stop moaning.

Lane assist is a huge pain, that needs to get coded out immediately of it turns itself back on everytime you start the van.

Now I just need to know if they are doing a faster cargo van. VW are killing us with the lack of info. Is a GTX cargo comming or a faster single motor version like the 282bhp motor in the MEB platform Ford Explorer.......who knows."

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